Below are the building blocks of my kitchen. This is by no means everything I have crammed into the drawers and cupboards of our small cottage kitchen, but it is a selection of the things that I use on the most consistent basis. After about 16 years of testing and curating, I have found that the fancy top of the line items are NOT always the best (my favorite veggie peeler costs six dollars and is completely devoid of bells and whistles) unfortunately sometimes it pays to splurge (I have found nothing that rivals my dear old Vitamix blender.) The good news is that the big ticket items tend to last. My Kitchenaid mixer is 16 years old, the Vitamix 8, and the Cuisinart food processor is coming up on 30 years (my parents received it as a wedding gift!) You can click on the images for more information or email me with any questions! I love hearing from you.